Education Is Knowledge, Knowledge Is Power

Progressive Education is a reaction to the traditional education which means performing tasks associated with learning.


Progressive Education develops core skill strategies and techniques:

Skill Development in Progressive Education:


Self Awareness:

To create an ability in students to focus on their actions, thoughts, emotions, motives and desires.

Critical Thinking:

It promotes the students thinking skill and helps them to make a right decision.

Creative Thinking:

It makes an ability to create something new and think differently.

Decision Making:

It helps to make more deliberate and thoughtful decisions to achieve their goal.

Problem Solving:

It creates students ability to tackle problems on their own or in a group.

Effective Communication:

It creates an ability to convey information to another effectively and efficiently.

Interpersonal Relationship:

It helps the students to know how to interact with others and create a strong association with the people.

Coping With Stress:

It creates an ability to think clearly and function effectively to enjoy their daily life.

Coping With Emotions:

It helps the students to express emotions in positive way to have positive and stable relationships.