” Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere..”

Our Methodology

Education is not a learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think – Albert Einstein.
So that we provide an experience based learning to your child. Projects, Field study, Audio Visual Aids, Smart Class, Experiments and House Activities.., are all part of regular classes.

Test/Assessments & Examination

STD I to STD VIII have weekly test and Comprehensive & Continues Assessments.
STD IX to STD XII writes slip test for daily portion and weekly test for consecutive assessment. We also provide Adoptive assessment for the student to find their development in each and every subject.

Smart Class

This is complement classroom teaching with AVI format for effective learning. All classrooms have been given Projector screen and computers for the implementation of these programs.

Value Education

It makes the students more sensible and responsible. It helps students to develop strong relationship with family and society.

Rational Thinking

We develop the students mental activities that help them to process solve problems, make decisions, ask questions, and organize information.

Leave Application

Parent should fill up the ‘Record of Non – Attendance’ in the Communication Book when student is absent from the school due to sick. Request for leave of absence for other reason must reach the
In charge at least 24 hours in advance. Children may go on leave only if the leave is sanctioned.

Meet The Best Teachers



To help students and parents we provide comprehensive programmers and services to equip them with study skill and career path.

Mentor System

Mentor System

Our mentor system will support and guide student who are struggling with social, emotional or behavioral problems that affect their ability to leave.



To support students various developmental and mental health issue we have psychologist in our school.

Disciplinary Committee

Disciplinary Committee

To detect and examine some behavioral problems among students we have disciplinary committee which promotes good behavior among students and rewarding those with good conduct.

Academic Director

Academic Director

Academic Director will mainly focus on curriculum,  instruction, assessment and professional development of students to ensure their progress.

  • Transport facility will be provided depending on the routes and availability of seats. One way transport will not be provided.

  • If parent need changes in transport, they should apply to Principal and obtain permission. All children of the junior school using school transport are expected to be escorted to and from their pickup point, failing which the child will be brought back to school.

  • Life skills are abilities for adaptive and positive behavior that enable humans to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of life.

  • We provide guidance to the students for comprehensive and developmental program to make and implement an informed educational and occupational choice

Our Activities


Stretches, singing, Talks on Moral Education, News reading and Meditation from part of regular assembly.

Talent Time

To explore each child’s potential we have talent time in school. This gives an opportunity for every child to try different activities that they may otherwise not have access to.


All students from LKG to STD VIII have yoga once a week.


Students of all the classes have 1 period of physical activity every day. Training in through ball and athletics is organized after school hours for those who are interested.

Co curricular / Extra curricular

Co curricular / extracurricular activities comprise teaching of Dance, Art & Craft, Chess, Abacus, Graphical Designing, Silambam, Taekwondo and Skating.


There are many variations of passages of lore available but
the majority have suffered alteration in some form.


There are many variations of passages of lore available butsuffered alteration in some form.

Our Specialities

National Level

Life Skill

Talent Time

Progressive Education